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Joao de Deus Spiritual Healing

John of God Spiritual Healer

John of God spiritual healer

Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning and afternoon, one of the world’s best healers, John of God, holds a free clinic for anyone who wants to attend. The clinic is in the little town Abadiania Goias, Brazil, 130km outside the capital Brasilia.

People come in their thousands from Brazil, elsewhere in South America and around the world. They come to be healed not only of physical ailments but also of the fear, emptiness and left-brained materialism of our consumer society. Soon after arriving, it becomes clear this is a very special place, compassion, tolerance and healing.

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Healer John of God meeting place

The clinic is set in a beautiful garden. Here you can rest and shelter from the hot sun, chat with clinic mediums and fellow pilgrims and have a quiet meditation. Also in the grounds are a shop, soup kitchen, toilets and bronze bust of St Ignatius de Loyola. After the morning clinic, free soup is served to all.

Inside the clinic are a series of rooms where different healing procedures occur. The DVD takes you through these rooms so you can familiarise yourself with the process before you travel to the clinic. Afterwards, the DVD can be played over and over again, particularly at the times of clinic activity, so you can be linked to its healing power.

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