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Joao de Deus Spiritual Healing

Robert Pellegrino-Estrich is the author of The Miracle Man

Robert Pellegrino-Estrich is the founder of the Lady of Light Foundation, a charity established to assist and guide people through their spiritual development and aid those less fortunate. It’s most important function is to provide ground support services to people wanting help to travel to meet the amazing healing medium Joao Teixeira. To this end it offers travel support and guidance through the protocols at the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania, Goias, Brazil.

Robert, with his then wife, operated healing centers in Sydney, Florence and Chicago. This practical hands-on experience, together with his eighteen years of experience working with John of God, makes him one of the most capable and respected guides operating in the Casa today.

Eifhteen years ago the Entities of the Casa de Dom Incaio told him to write a book that would “bring the world to Abadiania". The book, The Miracle Man, is now in sixteen languages and directs people from across the world to the healer known as John of God at his healing center at Abadiania.  He originated and implemented the overseas guide assistance program and bought people, first from Italy, then Australia and the USA and eventually from across the globe.

After six years of research and traveling to observe countless healers in many countries, Robert wrote the definitive book on energy healing – The Power to Heal.

With more than thirteen years of hands-on practice in his own clinics combined with his extensive experience at the Casa de Dom Inacio, Robert is probably the most competent guide available.  Now he provides the ultimate ground support service for those wishing the flexibility of independent travel with the confidence of an experienced translator/guide on the ground in Brazil.