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Books and DVD's from John of God's Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil

“The Miracle Man. The Life Story of John of God” is the first book written in English about the amazing abilities of the medium Joao Teixeira de Faria.  It was first requested of the author, Robert Pellegrino-Estrich, by the spirit entities more than eighteen years ago.  Since its publication it has guided hundreds of thousands of people seeking help to the Casa de Dom Inacio.  Now the book has been translated into sixteen languages and provides guidance for people from across the globe to the man they call “John of God”.

“The Miracle Man” explains the theory, methods and practicalities of his seemingly “miraculous” methods of healing.  For more than eighteen years the author has observed countless operations in which no anesthetics or asepsis were used.  The patients felt no pain and had little bleeding. Testimonies to the effectiveness of the treatments number in the hundreds of thousands, some are annexed in the book.

“The Power to Heal” is unlike any other healing book – it is concise, comprehensive and holds no punches in its honest approach to man’s oldest healing procedure.  It reveals historic and scientific evidence that encourages confidence.  It examines all forms of energy healing and concludes that there are few differences between them – all utilize universal healing energies.  This book tells you how to attune to, and tap into these divine energies to heal.

It contains essential explanations of how energies work in the body, the cause of disease, the effects of karma, medium ship, and the use of spirit guides.  There are practical tips for setting up a healing room, how to consult, and how to develop your healing abilities.

Just outside the small town of Abadiania, Brazil, one of the most unusual people in the world is about to see a group of strangers dressed in white. He is known to westerners as John of God. They call him a spiritual medium, trance surgeon, healer and miracle worker. What he does and how he does it defies conventional logic. This is a composite of some of Joao’s most amazing physical surgeries, interviews with people who have been cured at the center and an enlightening discussion with the author of the book “The Miracle Man”.

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